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These Embroidered Converse Sneakers are What We Have Been Waiting For
kirjutab Sindy Hoxha blogis The Awesome Daily – Your daily dose of awesome, kolmapäev 20 mai kell 11:50
Let’s admit it, we all have worn converse styled shoes once in our lives. I fell head over heels with an Ed- hardy brown pair when I was about 11 years of age. But unfortunately, they outgrew me, as well as my taste towards converse shoes. Anyways apart from whether I like converse or not

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The Dinosaur Purse. A Fabulous T-Rex Handbag Might be the Start of a New Fashion Trend
kirjutab Sindy Hoxha blogis The Awesome Daily – Your daily dose of awesome, teisipäev 19 mai kell 13:26
The Kate Spade Dinosaur purse is not something you see every day. The talented designer wanted to create a cute statement purse that can act as a companion to the woman who wears it, it’s a conversation starter that’s what it is really.
Covid-19 Casualty: Will Women Ever Wear Bras Again After Quarantine?
kirjutab admin blogis BellaVitaStyle, neljapäev 14 mai kell 18:12
By Lily Raine The greatest bras are the ones you forget that you’re wearing. While in quarantine, one of the first thing most women ditched were their uncomfortable underwire bras, and we can’t say we blame them.
Azuro Republic Carefully Crafted Bracelets Are so Unique Every Gentleman Needs One.
kirjutab Mike Rooney blogis The Awesome Daily – Your daily dose of awesome, esmaspäev 11 mai kell 13:21
At The Awesome Daily we write about awesome stuff. This could be a simple post about a cartoon artist or a detailed article about a new car design that hit the market. This time, we focus on a company called Azuro and their beautiful hand made bracelets. They’re awesome, so we write about them.
Kate Middleton’s Best Affordable Outfits
kirjutab admin blogis BellaVitaStyle, pühapäev 10 mai kell 20:52
By Lily Raine Kate Middleton has mastered wearing main street brands as a royal. She has frequently been seen wearing styles from Zara, J. Crew, and many other mall brands that have approachable price points. We also admire her ability to mix couture and main street so seamlessly.
How Fashion Designers Are Navigating Covid-19 And Lockdown
kirjutab admin blogis BellaVitaStyle, neljapäev 7 mai kell 18:23
By Marilyn Graves With the current pandemic bringing the world as we knew it to a screeching halt, the fashion industry is just one area being hit hard. With stores closing, workers staying home, and fashion houses closing their doors, the entire fashion culture has changed in a matter of months.